Our lost loves are laced with traces of what used to be. Smells, places, sounds, feelings, their touch– All memories tainted and poisoned by adolescent fantasies, Wishing for the comfort of a disillusioned past, Forcing the remnants of our loved to rescind into the darkest depths of our heart. Good intentions are never really enough,Continue reading “Shattered|Scattered|Pieces”

Holding on to the Idea of You: Promises and Protection

She left Him when He needed Her most. Getting His hopes up, Dreaming about what it might be like To have someone stick by His side, Despite how fucked up He is. He let Her in, and put everything on the line, Only to end up betrayed; Worst of all, He trusted Her with everyContinue reading “Holding on to the Idea of You: Promises and Protection”

Millennial Schlemiel

“Good morning!”she says with a soft but detached smile–one that has clearly been rehearsed for this precise occasion. “Good, thanks! How are you?” He replies. I can’t believe I just said that to my boss… what was I thinking?–a frequently reoccurring thought. Later, that same day, a couple of guests arrive for a meeting. He greets them withContinue reading “Millennial Schlemiel”

The Sunshine Princess

She emerges from the Sea prophetically– Her bronzed skin, layered with droplets of water, Glistening with glory in summer sun. The way she moves is enough to paralyze a man– Her movements are refined and effortless, As though she were gliding over the land beneath. Her eyes have a way of penetrating the darkness inContinue reading “The Sunshine Princess”

Past Participles of a Former Life

Absorbed in the past, I find myself contemplating time–oh, how I’ve grown! Yet, I yearn for a simpler time–a time of naturally carefree innocence, when I didn’t despise myself and feel the need to drown my sorrows and pain. I know that I can never return, but I still find myself dwelling on days longContinue reading “Past Participles of a Former Life”