Selfish Love

My Love is selfish. I want you, and only you, to be the tenant of my heart.Though a dark place it may be, you can have the key to unlock all the doors and windows, bringing a new light to the darkness–a loving light. After all, I’ve never met someone who understands me so well,Continue reading “Selfish Love”

Holding on to the Idea of You

The mere thought of you still manages to give me butterflies. You lit a fire in me and now, I find myself dwelling, “what’s wrong with me? What could I possibly be doing so wrong?” Even still, I can’t help but wonder “Why can’t I let you go?” Every time I’m ready to let you go,Continue reading “Holding on to the Idea of You”

Disconcerting Days

Stuck in Limbo, meeting the ghosts of my horrifying past. Clinging on like parasites, diminishing the essence of my being, Until I am reduced to nothingness– Forever forgotten and detached of all feeling, I fear my light may be fading, With little chance at reconciling my mistakes, my demons. I thought I could triumph over theContinue reading “Disconcerting Days”

Despairing Destiny

I always knew I was destined to suffer through an unfathomable amount of struggle and pain. Despite my knowing this, I remain afraid of hurting, feeling, failing–why can’t I overcome this monumental predicament? If I cannot, I fear I will never be able to truly experience life and live up to my potential. Perhaps thisContinue reading “Despairing Destiny”