California Spirit

Winding Redwood forest roads,
In colorful California, carving through the
Steep, potentially collapsable mountainside.

A perfect balance of hot and cold,
Mountains and coastline,
Wilderness and civilization.

Coming to this place feels like
Everything is teetering on the edge of life and
Death, but that’s the excitement we crave!

California is the sun’s playground;
It is where the world’s eternal children come to
play for the rest of their lives.

And much like this life,
We’ve got to have as much fun as possible
Before it all disappears into nothingness.

So play on flower-children, sun enthusiasts, water worshipers, Mountaineers, gold diggers, fantasy dwellers, reality repellers;
Each and every one of you–

Play on ’til death do us part!

Published by thinkinghertz

My blog is a resource for me to reveal my thoughts without having to deal with anyone judging me based on whether they know me or not.

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