Holding on to the Idea of You: Promises and Protection

She left Him when He needed Her most.
Getting His hopes up,
Dreaming about what it might be like
To have someone stick by His side,
Despite how fucked up He is.

He let Her in, and put everything on the line,
Only to end up betrayed;
Worst of all, He trusted Her with every ounce of His being.
“I’d even go so far as to say I loved you,
I think I still do,” He said to Himself.

“How can I forget all the memories we forged together?”
He couldn’t help but recall something she said to him once,
“’Whatever our souls are made of, His and mine are the same.’
Even though you broke my heart,
I still care deeply about you—
No matter how hard I try,
You never seem to escape the forefront of my mind.”

He’s stuck in Limbo, fantasizing about sharing His life with Her.
His naivete and ideals of romantic grandeur are nothing but
Illusions fabricated by the child locked away in His cold, dead heart.

Realistically, it’s all a stupid dream that will never come true,
But he won’t let her go—he promised himself,
“I’ll be your shadow, watching, listening and
Loving you always.”

Published by thinkinghertz

My blog is a resource for me to reveal my thoughts without having to deal with anyone judging me based on whether they know me or not.

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