If wonder is the key to finding ourselves,
Than loss of wonder is the key to conformity.

If we resign to someone else’s idea of wonder,
Do we resign our humanity in the process?

Are we so lost in searching for answers,
That we forget to wonder for ourselves?

We often overlook the beauty of wonder,
When tormented by the lack of answers.

But isn’t wonder, in essence, freedom?
An escape that once existed in childhood…

Wonder is eternal, and we will never be stripped
of the thoughts and feelings living inside of us.

Wonder will always take us where we need to go next–
Back to the heart of it all, when it began and ended.

So we find ourselves where land meets water,
The crossroads of a journey into the unknown.



Our lost loves are laced with traces of what used to be.
Smells, places, sounds, feelings, their touch–
All memories tainted and poisoned by adolescent fantasies,
Wishing for the comfort of a disillusioned past,
Forcing the remnants of our loved to rescind into the darkest depths of our heart.

Good intentions are never really enough, are they?
We want action!
For there is no greater language in communicating ones true desires.
How loud must the action be to cloud the clumsiness of our words?
How long must one persevere to see the Shining light of your face again?
Everyday without you is torture, knowing our lives may never be together

I’m not afraid that you weren’t the one for me, I never was.
I was afraid you’d forget me and never come back.
I just want to be free from the pieces of you
I left stuck in my heart.