Disconcerting Days

Stuck in Limbo, meeting the ghosts of my horrifying past.
Clinging on like parasites, diminishing the essence of my being,
Until I am reduced to nothingness–

Forever forgotten and detached of all feeling,
I fear my light may be fading,
With little chance at reconciling my mistakes, my demons.

I thought I could triumph over the grim grasp they have over me–
But, how can I when my efforts are perpetually superseded by darkness?

I sense it now more than ever,
Desperately searching for a faint glimmer of light
In my life that I can hold and cherish,
To guide me, protect me,
From the shadows within.



Published by thinkinghertz

My blog is a resource for me to reveal my thoughts without having to deal with anyone judging me based on whether they know me or not.

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